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Board of Directors

The KSRA Board of Directors meet on the second Tuesday at 1:30 Pm at the different park district member agencies facilities. Community members are invited to attend. Please check the board meeting dates, locations, and times at the end of this page, or call the KSRA office at 779-777-7285.



Amy Doll

Executive Director DeKalb Park District





Vice President–VACANT


Executive Director Flagg-Rochelle Park District


paul bafia


Paul Bafia

Executive Director Genoa Park District





Heather Collins

Superintendent of Finance DeKalb Park District






Dan Portrait


Daniel Gibble

Executive Director Sycamore Park District







Michael McCann

Executive Director Sandwich Park District






Maureen Stevens

Interim Executive Director Flagg-Rochelle Park District

2018 Approved KSRA Board Meeting dates and times:

~Posted February 7, 2018~

-January 9, 2018 – DeKalb Park District – Basement – 1403 Sycamore Rd, DeKalb, IL
– 1:30 PM

-February 13, 2018 – Sycamore Park District – Sycamore Sports Complex – 435 S Airport Rd, Sycamore, IL – 1:30 PM

-April 10, 2018– Genoa Township Park District – Fitness Center – 333 E 1st St, Genoa, IL
– 1:30 PM

-June 12, 2018– DeKalb Park District – Basement – 1403 Sycamore Rd, DeKalb, IL – 1:30 PM

  • 2017 Audit Presentation

-August 14, 2018– Flagg-Rochelle Park District – Marina – 800 Ave B, Rochelle, IL – 1:30 PM

-October 9, 2018– Sandwich Park District – Multi-purpose Room – 1001 N Latham St, Sandwich, IL – 1:30 PM

-December 11, 2018 – Genoa Township Park District – Fitness Center – 333 E 1st St, Genoa, IL – 1:30 PM

The Kishwaukee Special Recreation Association Board meetings are open to the public.  Please contact Julie A. Eggleston, CTRS, MS – Kishwaukee Special Recreation Association Executive Director two weeks in advance if there are any questions or adaptation requests to attend the meetings.  Please contact her at 779-777-7284.

Please visit the rest of the website to gather more information about KSRA and the Recreation Therapy programs and opportunities that Kishwaukee Special Recreation Association provides the residents in the area who have different abilities.