Tuesday, August 11 – 1:30 pm

Meeting held via Zoom Call – no physical location due to power outage at DeKalb Park District.

As permitted by Governor Pritzker’s Executive Orders 2020-07 and 2020-33, the Kishwaukee Special Recreation Association will convene a regular meeting on Tuesday, August 11, 2020 at 1:30 pm via teleconference or in person.  Board members, citizens and staff may participate in the teleconference via Zoom at Zoom Meeting ID: 764 4950 0185, Password: f8U9aT or by calling in at 1-312-626-6799 US (Chicago).

The meeting will include an opportunity for public comment.  Any member of the public that would like to make a public comment, can submit their public comment via email to Dawn Schaefer at Dschaefer@kishsra.org by Tuesday, August 11, 2020 at 12:00 noon.  Public comments submitted via email will be announced during the public comment portion of the meeting.


  1. Meeting Called to Order
  1. Meeting called to order at 1:30 by Theresa Tevsh, Vice Chair, DeKalb Park District (filling in for Amy Doll, Chair)
  2. Present:
    1. Board: Heather Collins, DeKalb Park District, Treasurer; Theresa Tevsh, Sycamore Park District, Vice Chair; Maureen Stevens, Flagg-Rochelle Park District; Bill Novicki, Sandwich Park District (at 1:34 PM); Paul Bafia, Genoa Park District. Not Present: Amy Doll, Chair – Dekalb Park District
    2. Staff Present: Dawn Schaefer, Executive Director KSRA and Sharon Adamchak-Ball – Administrative Assistant KSRA and
  • Visitors – no visitors at this board meeting
  1. Confirmation of Board Members participation either virtually or physically. All below confirmed they can see and hear proceedings
  2. Amy Doll, Chair – DPD – not present
  3. Heather Collins, Treasurer – DPD – Zoom
  • Theresa Tevsh, Vice Chair – SYCPD – Zoom/Sycamore CC
  1. Maureen Stevens – FRPD – Zoom
  2. Bill Novicki – SPD – Zoom
  3. Paul Bafia – GPD – Zoom
  1. Approval of Agenda
      1. Motion to approve the agenda by:   Paul Bafia, GPD
      2. Second by:  Heather Collins, DPD
      3. Roll Call Motion passed unanimously.  Yay – 5, Nay – 0, Absent – 1
  1. Approval of Minutes from June meeting
      1. Motion to approve the July meeting minutes by: Maureen Stevens, FRPD
      2. Second by: Paul Bafia, GPD
      3. Roll Call Motion passed unanimously.  Yay – 5, Nay -0, Absent – 1
  1. Public Comment
      1. None
  1. Correspondence
      1. None
  1. Financial Reports
      1. Current reports – all reports delivered to board.  Typically, at half year mark, should be half through budget; but some over and some under.  After camp registration at 117%.  NIU intern (winter/spring) – paid out and will not have another for remainder of year.  Schaefer went through remaining list of donations and grants and explained where we stand/stood at the time of the board meeting.
      2. Motion to approve Financial reports:  Bill Novicki, SPD
      3. Second:  Heather Collins, DPD
      4. Roll Call Motion passed unanimously.  Yay – 5, Nay -0, Absent – 1
  1. Old Business
      1. Discussed recommendation to have study session to review Board Manual.
  1. New Business
      1. Acceptance of 2019 Audit with changes completed by Lauterbach & Amen – Schaefer reviewed the 2019 Audit with changes.
        1. Motion to approve acceptance of 2019 Audit with changes:  Maureen Stevens, FRPD
        2. Second:  Heather Collins, DPD
        3. Roll Call Motion passed unanimously.  Yay – 5, Nay -0, Absent -1
      1. Approval of Capital Asset policy with updates from Auditors – Schaefer reviewed the Capital Asset policy with the board.
        1. Motion to approve Capital Asset Policy with updates by: Heather Collins, DPD
        2. Second: Paul Bafia, GPD
        3. Roll Call Motion passed unanimously.  Yay – 5, Nay -0, Absent -1
      1. Approval of Fund Balance policy with updates from Auditors – Schaefer reviewed the Fund Balance policy with the board.   Note:  remove signatures.
        1. Motion to approve Fund Balance policy with updates by: Bill Novicki, SPD
        2. Second:  Heather Collins, DPD
        3. Roll Call Motion passed unanimously.  Yay -5, Nay -0, Absent -1
      1. Discussion of 2021 Budget Minimum wage will increase this year.
        1. Fees will subsequently increase.  Proposing to keep a flat budget with respect to programming.  Discussion on increase of fees to participants and the possible affect to registration.  Discussion about getting to the 6-month reserve mark; should have discussion in the future on the big picture and what revenue could be delegated towards.
      1. Discussion of KSRA Joint Agreement updates: document required clean up in terms of organization and improved descriptive writing.  Research with 3 different SRAs.  KSRA lawyers will receive the document for further review.

Items discussed:

(1) Why does DeKalb have 2 board members from same district and everyone else has 1?  Board does not know.  Possibly because as inception of the SRA there was only two agencies and with DPD being the main office and supported more administrative functions.  Schaefer was asked about other SRA and stated that within the ones researched, only 1 representative from each partner member has a voting seat on the board.  Schaefer directed to check the statute to see if there was any legal obligations in regards to voting members of the board.  If legal, keep the board as it is.

(2) Under Budget and Assessments – added that KSRA shall complete an annual audit.

(3) Under Inclusion Services – should it be expanded to include how services are provided and the payment of those services.

(4) The titles for the elected positions within the board shall be changed to President and Vice President.

(5) Under Administrative Functions discussion if an administrative agency needs to be stated, that question is to be answered by the KSRA legal review.


      1. Discussion regarding KSRA Fundraisers –
        1. T-shirt fundraiser; didn’t make as much as expected.
        2. “Rummage All Day With KSRA” – will happen in September in coordination with SYCPD “Junk in the Trunk”.   Will create flyers and ask Districts to promote.  Looking at remote capability to take payment at the rummage sale (Heartland Bank or possibly Square).
        3. Hosting a golf outing this year.  Theresa discussed some available dates on a couple of Fridays in September and 3 dates in October.  Fees – $32/person for golf.  $20 for food.  Total $52 and charge around $75.   Most golf outings have sponsors for holes and silent auction.   Theresa said SYPD typically charges around $50-$60.
        4. Discussion of ideas about partner districts hosting some kind of fundraiser to raise money for KSRA.  KSRA staff would work with the district to create the event that would be hosted within the district.
      2. Camp Maple Leaf and Camp Adventure Report 2020


  1. Projection for CML were 30, KSRA met that goal and served 33 unique. There were 6 new people at CML this year.  Successful camp considering the COVID pandemic.  No issues with COVID.  One of the few SRAs that had a camp this year.
  2. Camp Adventure held in Sycamore, had 11 registrants this year double from last year’s 5. Camp Adventure does not have its own budget.
      1. Program and Services Report
        1. Cancelled all programs in May due to pandemic.  CML in June at full 7-week session.  Started Bocce and Walking Club in July (both can be held outdoors, adult population and can social distance properly).  Planning to host a Karaoke Party for end of summer.  Will not be creating a full brochure for fall/winter; more likely to be a pamphlet with postings on all social media and website.
  1. Announcements
      1. Schaefer announced that Sam Morgan has accepted the position as the TR Coordinator.  His first day will be in August.
      2. Sycamore PD hired new director, who starts at the end of August, Jonelle Bailey.
  1. Adjournment
      1. Motion to adjourn meeting at 2:58 by:  Paul Bafia, GPD
      2. Second by:  Bill Novicki, SPD
      3. Roll Call Motion passes unanimously.  Yay – 5, Nay-0, Absent – 1