KSRA supports the ongoing education and experience for students. KSRA works with many local, state and out of state universities to provide students an opportunity for hand on experience working in the community Therapeutic Recreation field. This experience varies based on the season of the internship. Each internship will also include a project that supports KSRA mission along with builds on the strengths of the student.

Students studying Therapeutic Recreation/Recreation Therapy at an accredited university seeking either an Internship or Field Work placement should contact the Executive Director to begin the application process. The TR internship with KSRA meets all the requirements for the certification exam with the National Council for Therapeutic Recreation Certification (NCTRC). KSRA has standing agreements with many schools in Illinois. Any student is welcome, the application can be completed if a student is chosen from a school without a current agreement.  Timeliness of this application should be considered when applying.

The process for any student requesting an internship includes the submission of a resume with cover letter to the Executive Director. A formal interview will be completed. KSRA accepts one (1) TR intern per season. These internships are paid through a stipend. Students that are seeking field work can either be volunteer or paid, this will depend on the program of study and requirements.

If you are interested in a seasonal or internship position, contact Dawn Schaefer, MS, CTRS, Executive Director, in our main office, or give us a call at 779 777-7285.