Tuesday, May 12th – 1:30 pm

Zoom meeting – All Virtual attendance


  1. Meeting Called to Order
    1. Meeting called to order at 1:37 p.m. by Chair Amy Doll, Dekalb Park District.  Present:  Theresa Tevsh – Superintendent of Recreation at the Sycamore Park District (SYCPD), Paul Bafia-Executive Director of the Genoa Park District (GPD), Amy Doll-Executive Director of the DeKalb Park District (DPD), Maureen Stevens – Superintendent of Administration and Finance at the Flagg-Rochelle Park District (FRPD), William (Bill) Novicki – Interim Director of Sandwich Park District (SPD) and Heather Collins – Superintendent of Finance at the Dekalb Park District (DPD).
    2. Staff Present: Dawn Schaefer – Executive Director KSRA and Sharon Adamchak-Ball – Administrative Assistant KSRA.
  2. Approval of Agenda

Motion to approve the Agenda by Paul Bafia (GPD), second by Heather Collins (DPD)


  1. Approval of Minutes from February meeting 

Motion to approve the minutes from meeting in February by William Novicki (SPD); second by Maureen Stevens (FRPD).

  1. Public Comment


  1. Correspondence 


  1. Financial Reports 
  2. Current Reports – No questions on financial reports. Motion to accept the current 2020 financial reports by Theresa Tevsh (SYCPD); second by Paul Bafia (GPD).
  3. Discussion of impact of COVID-19 on the 2020 budget.


Dawn Schaefer provided overview of effect of cancellations on the bottom line, indicating we were on track and would have covered cost for half of March, April and May (note: cancelled all of May).  Numbers do not include camp; unknown at this time.  Amount not noted for March spring break camp as families chose to keep credits for further programs.


Dawn Schaefer further indicated that salaries are being paid to herself and Allie Steckler (some hours for part time staff – Nicoletta Knoble and Cassie Lexa) and typical bills are reflected in the financial report.


Summer brochure was paid out and included in report. Bills are being paid and keeping expenses down.  Received a $3,000 grant from NW Hospital for safety items.  Overall, doing ok right now as 90% of revenue comes from tax base.


Camp is the biggest program in question.  Projecting half the attendance, which would be around 30 campers.  Field trips have been cancelled and Schaefer proposes to cancel special events outside of camp.  CML, After Camp and Camp Adventure are considered the essential programs.  Other program needs are walking club for adults; parents’ night out, bocce etc. No change in the pricing structure thus far.  If camp duration is shortened, fees will be reduced.


Also discussed use of personal WIFI at home.  Discussion for consideration to reimburse for Schaefer and Steckler.  Will be placed on next agenda for approval.  There was also discussion regarding plans for a technology update, but nothing in the works for the laptops to ensure staff’s ability to work remotely, if the need arises again.



  1. Old Business



  1. New Business
    1. Approval of EAP service contract with Northwestern Medicine, Kishwaukee Hospital – Schaefer negotiated a per service contract. Schaefer would set number of visits for the 2 full time staff.  This is a 1-year contract that can be revisited and adjusted as needed.

Motion to approve the EAP Service contract with Northwestern Medicine – Kishwaukee Hospital by Heather Collins (DPD); second by Bill Novicki (SPD)


  1. Approval of IMRF Authorized Agent for KSRA – table this for next meeting and will be presented in the agenda as a resolution.


  1. Discussion of Summer 2020 Programs – Schaefer had meeting with DeKalb Public Health and talked through vision of CML this summer with respect to safety during COVID-19 pandemic. Camp Maple Leaf – Groups will have to be 10 or less (including staff).  Ordered 10 X 10 popup tents that have screens.  Will utilize hoola-hoops to help the participants understand social distances and lunch service will have to be spread out.  Haven’t trained or hired any staff.  Ready to go with hiring staff; just waiting to see registration numbers.   Will have alternate plans to fill the afternoon time that was typically spent at the pool.   As long as participants segregated into groups of 10, the plan is to move ahead with CML.   Discussions still underway about Plan B in the event of rain.  If it rains, KSRA does have facilities to appropriately distance.     Schaefer closed the update by stating they are still talking about Adult Day Camp and may offer this in the fall.
  2. Fundraiser updated
    1. Give DeKalb County – haven’t released matching pool numbers yet. Total monies thus far is $1,594.69 (with part of this being a$1,000 anonymous donation).   All monies go toward the scholarship fund.
    2. T-shirt Sale – Sale starts now. Schaefer will send an email with the flyer and order form.  Several ways to purchase T-shirts.  All donations are 100% to scholarship thanks to the two (2) sponsors paying for materials.
    3. Rummage Sale – new date will be determined as we move forward. We have collected a variety of items thus far.
  3. Program and Services Report – Spring Break Camp was cancelled. Schaefer indicated we did have 6 people registered but had to cancel.  Special Olympics cancelled everything, so no Bocce at this time.


  1. Announcements



  1. Adjournment – motion to adjourn meeting at 2:32 PM made by Theresa Tevsh (SYCPD); second by Paul Bafia (GPD).