October 12, 2021 – Approved Minutes




Tuesday, October 2021 – 1:30 pm

Meeting held at the DeKalb Park District

Terrace Room

  1. Meeting Called to Order at 1:44 by President Theresa Tevsh
    1. Board members present: Theresa Tevsh, President, Sycamore Park District; Bill Novicki, Vice President, Sandwich Park District; Maureen Stevens, Treasurer,Flagg-Rochelle Park District; Paul Bafia, Genoa Park District; John Shea, DeKalb Park District
    1. Staff present: Dawn Schaefer, Executive Director, KSRA; Pat Myers, Administrative Assistant, KSRA; Community/Guests-0
  2. Approval of Agenda
    1. Motion to approve the agenda: Paul Bafia, GPD
    1. Second by: Bill Novicki, SPD
    1. Motion passed unanimously. Yay – 5, Nay – 0, Absent/Open – 0
  3. Approval of Minutes from August 2021 meeting
    1. Motion to approve the August 2021 meeting minutes: Bill Novicki, SPD
    1. Second by: Paul Bafia, GPD
    1. Motion passed unanimously. Yay – 5, Nay – 0, Absent/Open – 0
  4. Public Comment
    1. None
  5. Correspondence
    1. None
  6. Financial Reports
    1. Current Reports
      1. Schafer presented reports. Discussed items of note as Budget should be at %75.
      1. Motion to approve financial reports: Paul Bafia, GPD
      1. Second by: Maureen Stevens, FRPD
      1. Roll Call Motion passed unanimously. Yay – 5, Nay – 0, Absent/Open – 0
  7. Old Business
    1. None
  8. New Business
    1. Approval of KSRA Board Meeting Dates for 2022 – Approved, Discussion to have meeting at new Recreation center in Rochelle 2022
    1. Motion to approve the agenda:
      1. Maureen Stevens, FRPD

                                  ii   Second by: Bill Novicki, SPD

                                    iii   All Approve, Yay-5, Nay 0, Absent/Open-0

  • Discussion of FT staff salary adjustment-
    • Tabled, Board President will email Schafer with questions-discussed in close session. Board will schedule special meeting to talk about salary in November prior to Budget approval in December.
    • Discussion regarding KSRA ending relationship with MorningStar Media in Sycamore
      • All agreed that it was good to leave MorningStar and go with OC Creative. Dawn has requested all information and electronic files from MorningStar. OC cost is comparable to MorningStar. OC to host website.
      • Brochure development t will be with OC Creative in winter/spring2022
      • Bought foggers and air purifiers for office.
    • Update on Strategic Plan progress
      • Lisa Ann Barnes will have a report and presentation for Board at December meeting. She will survey youth family participants in November to gain their input.
    • Report from Foundation
      • Discussion on upcoming Donut Dash: Donuts donated by Kuiper’s, NIU Credit Union donated money for Gaiters. Purchased 100 donut metals. Runner’s fuel; water and fruit-sponsored by Heartland Bank & Trust.Planning for volunteers, parking event
    • Invitation to play the KSRA Bocce team
      • Board members will attend October 26, 2021, Bocce Ball to play KSRA team.
    • Discussion of 2022 Budget draft
      • Not all line items available yet: CML Fees and shelter rental, IMRF, Payroll related fees, insurance and PDRMA. Waiting for finally numbers to complete 2022 budget
    • Reminder for A.D.A. report and budget for December meeting from district members.
    • Program and Services Report:
      • November and December will have Schools Day out and Winter Break Camp Programs.
      • Sam and Austin visiting adult day programs. KSRA would like to offer Adult Day program either 2 or 3 days a week to start off in Spring of 2022
  • Announcements -None
  • Adjournment
    • Motion to adjourn the KSRA Board meeting at 2:43 pm: Bill Novicki, SPD
    • Second by: Paul Bafia, GPD

Motion passed unanimously. Yay – 5, Nay – 0, Absent/Open – 0