Tuesday, October 13th – 1:30 pm

Meeting held via Zoom Call

As permitted by Governor Pritzker’s Executive Orders 2020-07 and 2020-33, the Kishwaukee Special Recreation Association will convene a regular meeting on Tuesday, October 13th at 1:30 pm via teleconference or in person.  Board members, citizens and staff may participate in the teleconference via Zoom at Zoom Meeting ID: 840 2277 5239, or by calling in at 1-312-626-6799 US (Chicago).

The meeting will include an opportunity for public comment.  Any member of the public that would like to make a public comment, can submit their public comment via email to Schaefer Schaefer at Dschaefer@kishsra.org by Tuesday, October 13th, 2020 at 12:00 noon.  Public comments submitted via email will be announced during the public comment portion of the meeting.


  1. Meeting Called to Order
  1. Meeting called to order at 1:33 by Amy Doll, President – DeKalb Park District
  2. Present: Jonelle Bailey representing for Theresa Tevsh, Vice President, Sycamore Park District; Maureen Stevens, Flagg-Rochelle Park District; Bill Novicki, Sandwich Park District; Paul Bafia, Genoa Park District and Amy Doll, President, DeKalb Park District.
  3. KSRA Staff Present:
    1. Dawn Schaefer, Executive Director
    2. Sharon Adamchak-Ball, Administrative Assistant
  4. Visitors: No visitors present
  5. Confirmation of Board Members participation either virtually or physically. All below confirmed they can see and hear proceedings
  6. Amy Doll, President – DPD
  7. Jonelle Bailey representing for Theresa Tevsh, Vice President – SYCPD – DPD & Zoom
  • Maureen Stevens – FRPD – Zoom
  1. Bill Novicki – SPD – DPD & Zoom
  2. Paul Bafia – GPD – Zoom
  1. Approval of Agenda
      1. Motion to approve the agenda by:   Paul Bafia, GPD
      2. Second by:  Maureen Stevens, FRPD
      3. Roll Call Motion passed unanimously.  Yay – 5, Nay – 0, Absent – 0, Open -1
  1. Approval of Minutes from August meeting
      1. Motion to approve the August meeting minutes by: Bill Novicki, SPD
      2. Second by: Paul Bafia, GPD
      3. Roll Call Motion passed unanimously.  Yay –5, Nay -0, Absent – 1, Open – 1
  1. Public Comment
      1. None
  1. Correspondence
      1. None
  1. Financial Reports
      1. Current reports – all reports delivered to board.  Pointed out some petty cash used for program.   Overall, in good position
      2. Motion to approve Financial reports:  Maureen Stevens, FRPD
      3. Second:  Bill Novicki, SPD
      4. Roll Call Motion passed unanimously.  Yay – 5, Nay -0, Absent – 0, Open – 1
  1. Old Business
      1. Discussed recommendation to have study session to review Board Manual.   Remains outstanding.
  1. New Business
  1. Discussion of 2021 Budget draft – Schaefer walked through various points. Not 501c3 yet, so cannot participate in Give DeKalb County.  Schaefer plans to create a foundation which will be 501c3 (KSRF).  Wages for staffing are being projected.  Estimated as best for inclusion requests.  Max Galaxy going end-of-life in October 2021.  Must either transition to ActiveNet or seek new services. Camp Maple Leaf for this year was at half census compared to previous year.  Transition program not participating for the rest of 2020.
  2. Discussion of Camp Maple Leaf fees for 2021 – Schaefer walked through a few of the breakdowns. Staff Wages, Shelter/Pool, Transportation, etc. etc.  Reviewed different options for next year with respect to budget and costs.  Roundtable discussion around using ADA funding to subsidize some CML costs.
  3. Approval of KSRA Board Meeting Dates for 2021
    1. Motion to approve KSRA Board Meeting Dates for 2021: Paul Bafia, GPD
    2. Second: Bill Novicki, SPD
  • Roll Call Motion passed unanimously. Yay – 5, Nay – 0, Absent-1, Open – 1
  1. Discussion of the KSRA Joint Agreement – discussed with legal counsel and PDRMA. Need to decide on the length of agreement.  Recommended was 7 years.  Asking if could be 5.  Schaefer will check and get back with the board.
  2. Approval of FT staff salary increase up to 3% – roundtable discussion on what other park districts, etc. are looking at for merit increases.
    1. Motion to approve FT staff salary increase up to 3%: Paul Bafia, GPD
    2. Second: Jonelle Bailey, SPD
  • Roll Call Motion passed unanimously. Yay – 5, Nay – 0, Absent-0, Open – 1
  1. Approval of Reserve Fund Transfer – ~ $3,000 in reserve. Need to start funding using the policy that was created to get up to the 6-month reserve fund.
    1. Motion to approve Reserve Fund Transfer: Bill Novicki, SPD
    2. Second: Maureen Stevens, FRPD
  • Roll Call Motion passed unanimously. Yay – 5, Nay – 0, Absent-0, Open – 1
  1. Discussion regarding the outsourcing of specific accounting duties – recommended for Schaefer to revisit some estimates for outsourcing the work.
  2. Program and Services Report – report included in the packet. Floor was opened for any comments or questions.
  1. Announcements – Heather Collins left DeKalb Park District.
  2. Adjournment
      1. Motion to adjourn meeting at 3:00 by:  Paul Bafia, GPD
      2. Second by:  Jonelle Bailey, SYCPD
      3. Roll Call Motion passes unanimously.  Yay – 5, Nay-0, Absent -0, Open -1